What is corporate identity and why is it needed?

A corporate identity is a set of individual graphic, text and image elements that make a brand and https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/marketing recognizable.

For example, Apple – a bitten apple, Louis Vuitton – a dark and light checkerboard.

Now it is more and more difficult to stand out only through the quality of the service, product, or content. Much more difference can be found in service and packaging.

Corporate identity has a number of basic functions, aimed at the formation of distinctions:

  1. Attracting attention. For example, due to the originality of the packaging or the design of the account.
  2. Brand recognition. It is impossible to remember every logo, but the same Apple is known by all.
  3. Increase of efficiency of advertizing. Brand identity provides recognition and attractiveness, and they increase the conversion rate at different stages of the advertising campaign.
  4. Distinctiveness. There is competition in every niche. Corporate identity sets a brand apart from the competition.
  5. The brand identity of the brand should also be traceable in the accounts in social networks.