Where to find content for social networks: 10 best options

The daily tasks of SMM marketers include finding the right content for social media. And this is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. A professional account should stand out from ordinary accounts and be useful to clients. If a person wants to draw attention to his business, he needs to always be on topic and only post on https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/marketing content that is currently popular. The following tools will help him do this. 


Closed groups that are similar to your niche will be a great option. It only takes 20 minutes to figure out which posts get the most interest from your audience. You can get some ideas for yourself. The most important thing is not to engage in copying. This will have a negative impact on your reputation.


In most LinkedIn groups there is a huge amount of spam and advertising, but if you do a good search, you can find great options in related fields. The next thing to do is to research the group and talk to the members. They will tell you what the most popular things are right now. It is worth paying close attention to the answers. They should be:

  • substantive;
  • expanded;
  • useful. 

It’s also worth checking out the LinkedIn Answers section. 

Google News

The Google News feed allows you to find out the most popular news stories that resonated most with readers. To search for news on a specific topic, just enter the desired query. The service will give you the most popular articles. Some of them can be edited and added to your group to interest subscribers. 


Service allows you to follow the latest trends in your chosen field. All you need to do is create a free account and set up your feed so that only topics that interest you appear in it. It is best to search for new content through your Twitter account. This way, followers will see the new post immediately and become interested in it.

Competitor Analysis

It is necessary always and everywhere. Analysis can be done in the following ways:

  1. Viewing user comments under posts.
  2. Searching for the best content in the group that generated the greatest response.
  3. Subscribing to the email newsletter.
  4. Using special tools for analysis. 


They will be great helpers when communicating with users and searching for new content. A chatbot is able to analyze information from different sources at the same time, selecting the most useful posts. 


With the help of this direction it is possible to create not only popular, but also interesting content for users. To increase relevance, you need to communicate with your subscribers to find out their interests. For example, you can create a survey about what they are most interested in. Surveys are also popular on social media. 

Search for mentions

Your company can belong to any industry. Mentions on social media will make it more popular and well-known. It takes a long time to monitor social networks on your own, so it is recommended to use automated utilities. For example, Mention. The application will help to find out more useful information about the target audience and their interests. 

Conducting events

Attendance of online courses or webinars will help “stir up” users, encouraging them to be active. 

Web analytics

If you are interested in the professional development of your group, you can’t do without web analytics. For example, you can use the Finezza app.